Membership in the Beta Kappa Chapter is granted to graduates of the University of Alabama whose grade point average is at least 3.75 and who are recommended by the faculty of the School of Library and Information Studies. Members in good standing of the national association working or living in Alabama are also entitled to membership. Graduates of accredited library schools other than the University of Alabama who have completed the master’s or other advanced degree in librarianship with a scholastic average of 3.75 certified by his/her school and accompanied by a letter of recommendation of membership to Beta PhiMu from the dean of the school are also eligible for chapter membership.


We are trying to update our membership contact information. If you are a member of our chapter, we’d love for you to take a few short minutes to fill out our membership update form!


  • Jennifer Lea Pate
  • Alissa Mathney Helms
  • Hillary Paige Crumbley
  • Sally Johnston Shelly
  • Stephanie Sullens Long
  • Lynda Christina Tidmore
  • Kristen Lindsay Snow
  • Rachel Elizabeth Helms
  • Kacey Gill Davis
  • Mary Lauren Gilpin
  • Tracy Trainor Polk
  • Amanda Hall Alexander
  • Matthew Francis Baiocchi


  • Kelly Ann Johnson
  • Melba Trujillo
  • Mary Garland Hanes
  • Valentin Macias Jr.


  • Mary Elizabeth Watson
  • Danilo Madayag Baylen
  • Sabrina Denise Dyck
  • Louise Daileigh
  • Gail Perkins Barton
  • Stephen A. Zary
  • Haley Aaron
  • Gina K. Armstrong
  • Jamie E. Holcomb
  • Kate Samantha Lewallen
  • Rebekah Faith Wood


  • Yuri Jo Craig
  • Patty F. Crow
  • Ashley Renee Grace
  • Elaine Janosik Henry
  • Brandee Jean Idleman
  • Karlie Johnson
  • Frank David Leone
  • Lianna Elizabeth Levkoff
  • Audrey Taylor Minkle
  • Ruth Jane Rowell
  • Brittany Turner
  • Miranda Kathleen Webster
  • Laura Wrightson
  • Ronald Schwertfeger


  • Marylyn Wright Eubank
  • Samuel Charles Rumore
  • Rachel Lauren Renick
  • William Fair Worford
  • Lauren Brittany Dodd
  • Carla Leake Crews
  • Susan Diane Bishop (Vines)
  • Colleen Patricia Jensen
  • Daniel Gray Tackett
  • Morgan Leigh Higgins
  • Whitney Lynne Cornutt Howton


  • Samuel A. Rumore, Jr
  • Mary Catherine Lennon
  • Connie Wong Chow
  • Braegan Christine Abernethy
  • Willa Broughton
  • Elizabeth Rowe Lochamy
  • Richard Light LeComte
  • Katherine Anne Popadin
  • James Gilbreath
  • Alisha Marie Linam
  • Laura C. Gricius-West
  • Gail Anne Sheldon
  • Melissa Ann Koener
  • Courtney Leigh Barbour


  • Stephanie Diane Taylor
  • Richard Alexander Perry
  • Jackie Brodsky
  • Cynthia Karen Markushewski
  • Elizabeth Catherine Laera
  • Adelia Bush Grabowski
  • Melissa Beth Fortson
  • Michelle Middlebrooks Barnett
  • Abby Lauren Carpenter
  • Evan Lee Conaway
  • Catherine Crisp
  • Freddie Locke Hudson II
  • Danielle Linn Moore
  • Mary Kathleen Quillivan
  • Amy Michelle Strickland

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