Congratulations to Wendy Stephens, Beta Kappa Chapter’s Librarian of the Year!

Beta Kappa Chapter is overjoyed this year to announce our librarian of the year, Dr. Wendy Stephens. Wendy’s contribution to the state and to the profession through her work with School Media Specialists in Alabama has made our state a better place.

For most of the past decade, Wendy has worked as a school media specialist at Buckhorn High School and then as district coordinator and school librarian at Cullman High School. During this time, she also served in various roles of state and national leadership, including president of the Alabama Library Association during 2015. She has been recognized for her excellence in library media work nationally, including by The Educators of School Librarians Section of the American Association of School Librarians.

I want to share with you some things that Wendy’s state colleagues have said:

“Even amidst the important roles Wendy plays on the state and national level, she always finds time to help with the little stuff. She will go out of her way to recognize her peers for their contributions”

“She continues to represent Alabama well with her trademark energy and enthusiasm for allowing the student’s voice to shine through all aspects of the school library program…and the best thing is, it seems like she’s just getting started on the impact she will make on school libraries and LIS education!”

“When it comes to writing letters to honor other people, Wendy is always ready to help, but she doesn’t seek recognition for her own work.”

Wendy has recently accepted the position of Chair of the Library Media Program at Jacksonville State University, and we look forward to seeing her continue to have a positive impact on school media librarianship in the state of Alabama!




About sara maurice whitver

Sara Maurice Whitver is the Instruction Coordinator Librarian for the University of Alabama Libraries, where she engages in program development, assessment, and strategic planning for teaching and learning.

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