Congratulations to Professor Sybil Bullock, 2015 Beta Kappa Chapter Librarian of the Year!

2015 Beta Kappa Chapter Librarian of the Year recipient Professor Sybil Bullcock and Chapter President Sara Maurice Whitver

2015 Beta Kappa Chapter Librarian of the Year recipient Professor Sybil Bullcock and Chapter President Sara Maurice Whitver

It is an honor and a privilege to announce that our 2015 Beta Kappa Chapter Librarian of the Year award goes to Professor Sybil Bullock. Professor Bullock has touched so many lives and made such a difference in the landscape of Alabama Libraries.

Professor Sybil Bullock, thank you for everything you have done for us!

After graduating from UA SLIS, Sybil accepted a position directing the scientific and technical research center at Redstone Arsenal (RSIC) in Huntsville. Upon retiring from that position, she returned to school to get an Ed. S and began adjuncting at SLIS, as well as serving as a consultant for medical libraries across the country. In her work in federal and medical libraries, Sybil has developed an amazing network that she draws on to benefit UA SLIS students interested in special, science, and medical librarianship.

I first worked with Sybil as a SLIS student seeking an internship. I actually completed 2 internships, both facilitated by Sybil. Both were incredible learning experiences. From the moment of contact with Sybil to the last detail of paperwork, my experience was simple and straight-forward. I knew what I had to do to register, and what I had to turn in. The facilitation of the logistics of my internships made it easy for me to focus on the content of the internships, and really have authentic learning experiences.

Since then, I have worked with Sybil almost every semester, hosting interns. the internship experience was so valuable to me that I wanted to pay it forward. And in every case, Sybil has made the hosting experience incredibly easy. My interns have never had any trouble  getting registered. I always have plenty of notice on evaluation due dates. Everything goes so smoothly. And I am impressed, because I know she facilitates a number of internships every semester and during the summer.

I want to share with you some of the praise I received from Professor Bullock’s colleagues and students who admire you so much. One of your colleagues says:

An advocate for special librarians, particularly those with interests in science, technology, engineering, and medicine (STEM), Ms. Bullock has mentored many beginners and coached numerous mid-career librarians…If positive influence in Alabama librarianship is a criterion for this award, there is no more deserving candidate for this honor than Sybil H. Bullock.


Another writes:

Sybil is a powerhouse in the classroom.  She brings to students her extensive experience as a special librarian in a number of science/ technology settings [Director, Redstone Scientific Information Center @ Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, AL; ARMY Aeromedical Research Lab, Fort Rucker, AL; and others].  She is dynamic in her presentation style and her personality is as commanding as her experience in the field.  There is no mistaking her southern roots, or her allegiance to The University of Alabama and their athletic teams.  Her contribution to my personal education was significant, and I know she continues to deliver great value to her students at SLIS.


One student who wrote us says:

I can’t speak highly enough of Dr. Bullock – I am not the only student who has leaned on her extensively for support with school projects, personal research, student groups, internship placement, job searching, interview preparation, on-campus issues, etc., etc., etc.


We heard from many others who shared equal enthusiasm and praise for the work that Sybil Bullock does. To this end, it is my pleasure to name you Beta Phi Mu Beta Kappa’s 2015 Librarian of the Year, in recognition of your steadfast commitment and loyalty to UA’s SLIS students and alumni, and to librarians across Alabama.



About sara maurice whitver

Sara Maurice Whitver is the Instruction Coordinator Librarian for the University of Alabama Libraries, where she engages in program development, assessment, and strategic planning for teaching and learning.

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