Chapter President Nancy Dupree Attended the National Beta Phi Mu Business Meeting and Gala during ALA!

This year’s annual gathering of Beta Phi Mu members was held during the ALA convention, in the Tiffany Pavilion at the Anaheim Sheraton on Saturday, June 23, 2012.

The Tiffany Pavilion is a very pleasant place for a meeting, a small building just outside the hotel, with lots of windows and comfortable seating.  There were approximately eighty people in attendance, from about twenty chapters around the country.  In the business meeting there was a strong emphasis on the need for each chapter to have its own tax exemption number—which is not a problem for us as we already have it.

Each chapter was invited to make a brief report on its activities over the year.  I mentioned our two initiation ceremonies and the closer association we have been able to enjoy with SLIS in the past few years, including our participation in the SLIS annual Awards Day activities.  Though we are not the largest chapter,  I think we made a good showing.

The reports were followed by a full-scale initiation ceremony (exactly as we do it).  The initiates came from various chapters, since anyone who has been invited to join any chapter is eligible to be initiated at the gathering—something we might want to let future invitees know.  Winners of several scholarships were announced (including a $3000 doctoral dissertation fellowship). It would be lovely to see one of our Alabama SLIS doctoral candidates receive this honor in the future!

The meeting was followed by a champagne reception (there was plenty of champagne), with marvelous refreshments and friendly socializing.  Unfortunately there was no renewing old acquaintances for me, since I was the only member from Alabama to attend.  The gathering is held each year at the ALA annual conference;  if you plan to go next year make sure you include it in your schedule.


About alabamabpm

Founding Beta Phi Mu, the library and information science honor society, was founded at the University of Illinois in 1948 by a group of leading librarians and library educators. The first chapter consisted of 12 students and their 13 sponsors. Today Beta Phi Mu has grown to over 23,000 members and has chartered 56 chapters. The Beta Kappa Chapter of Beta Phi Mu was organized at the Graduate School of Library and Information Studies, University of Alabama. It was installed into the national organization in November, 1975.

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